Solar PV Water Pumping System

Renewable energy is the current and future need of our world. Solar PV Water pumping systems can be more environment friendly and economical in its operation compared to pumps powered by diesel engines/generators and it also replaces the conventional Hand pumps.

The Solar pump inverter, also called solar variable frequency drive, converts the direct current of solar panel into alternating current. The input can be the solar DC power supply, and can also be single phase or three phase AC power supply, or the power supply can be from a built-in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) control system to maximize the output power of the PV array which is very suitable for use in remote and dry areas.

Photovoltaic water pumping systems
  • more economical
  • Features
  • Types of Pumps used
  • Benefits
  • Agriculture - Drip , sprinkler, Mass irrigation.
  • Resorts and hotels
  • Residential and Institutional
  • Live stock watering
  • Fountains and Waterparks
  • Swimming pool recirculation
  • Water treatment plants
  • Rural Water supply schemes
  • Manual/Auto Start and stop mode of operation
  • Touch sensitive buttons for input settings
  • Digital Display for parameter monitoring
  • Remote monitoring system by SMS
  • Inbuilt MPPT (Maximum Powerpoint Tracking)Charge controller for efficient solar DC power transfer
  • Variable frequency drive operation to ensure maximum pump output as per available solar irradiance
  • Dual pump with different HP's can be operated using single pump inverter
  • Self diagnostic and protection
  • Inbuilt Dry run protection
  • Under voltage and over voltage protection
  • Soft start for smooth running of pump motor
  • Dual mode operation for both solar and grid power
  • High efficient pumpset for optimized power consumption
  • Quick maintenance and service can be done due to AC induction motor
  • Open Well submersible
  • Vertical Open Well submersible
  • 4", 6" and 8" submersibles
  • Jet pumps
  • Centrifugal Surface Monoblock
  • Environment friendly
  • Simple to install and use
  • Long operating life(25 years)
  • Highly reliable
  • Grid power not required
  • Nill fuel cost
  • Very low maintenance cost
  • Weak bore wells can be used effectively with low discharge pumps
  • Rural Water supply schemes

2.O Technology



Higher module conversion efficiency and lower resistance are characteristic of the half-cell structure.



The new circuit design with multi-busbar technology prevents current losses increase tolerance to micro cracks.



Boosts module power helping to achieve minimal power loss with respect to previous variant modules.



Improved due to multiple contact points on the cell which lowers the cell stress during module fabrication



Implementation of bypass diodes in split JB series-parallel connections enable the module to perform in partial shadow conditions with respect to full-cell module.